About Our Sake Rice

To support local rice farmers, we mainly use high quality rice grown in Saga prefecture. Saga prefecture is well known for growing high quality rice, including the Sagano, Hana, and Yamadanishiki varieties. In addition, the Nihonbare and Reihou varieties, which are used for sake production and sushi, are a famous local product.

High quality sake requires high quality rice. Since 1998, we grow our own rice along with the local farmers in Saga. In 2005, we created an organization, called the Tenzan Sake Rice Research Association, with local farmers. This association was created to study how to grow the best Yamadanishiki rice in Saga Prefecture. In order to motivate farmers to grow high quality rice, this association helps farmers identify which parts of their rice harvest would be suitable for sake production. At a quarterly meeting, farmers taste the sake made from their rice and discuss how to improve the quality of their rice for the next growing season.

About Our Sake RiceAbout Our Sake Rice


Our Water

We use the spring water from Mt. Tenzan, which is a medium to hard water. This spring water from Mt. Tenzan runs into the Gion River, which passes right in front of our brewery. The Gion is registered as one of the ‘Top 100 Clean Water Sources’ of Japan. It is also known as one of the best spots in Japan to enjoy fireflies during the summer.

Our WaterOur Water

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